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 In front of Your Customer 24/7/365 

Fifteen hundred advertisements are paraded in front of your customer’s eyes each day
through a variety of media; these media range from Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines, and other subscription based media to freeway billboards, street furniture, and kiosks. What makes you stand out?
We, at Muscle Marketing, are changing the way your customers get their information. Our goal is to maximize the exposure, frequency, and the length of time your unobstructed message is in front of your target consumer, and using our unique profiling, mapping and site selection practices, we do just that.


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Strengthening Brands Worldwide
What This Means to You 

Rather than receiving a “laundry list” of inventory to chose from, our clients are provided an organized recommendation
of physical and geographic descriptions, demographic trade area analysis, photo sheets and maps that recommend select displays that will reach their target audience.