GIS Demographic Targeting

GIS software integrates demographic census data and consumer purchasing behavior, along with geographic information, to improve the selection of OOH advertisements. Simply put, by overlaying an advertisers core demographic with high-traffic areas, busy intersections and popular shopping/traveling/comingling spaces, advertisers are better able to strategically position ads in areas with less competitor presence or areas where advertisers can outshine competitors, raise brand awareness, drive customer acquisition, and ultimately increasing revenue!

For DOOH advertising, GIS can enable dynamic ad placement based on real-time data, for example, promoting umbrellas in areas where the GIS predicts rain based on weather data. This ensures the message is highly relevant to the current conditions, and ultimately empowers advertisers with spatial intelligence and helps them make data-driven decisions in the planning, placement, and evaluation of out-of-home advertising campaigns.

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Programmatic DOOH

Programmatic DOOH is the automated purchasing and selling of Digital Out-of-Home media through data-driven decisions which provides access to vibrant, large digital screens on the same platforms used for your existing programmatic campaigns. Programmatic billboards, spectaculars, above ground transit, and all other digital OOH displays are fraud-free, ad-blocking-free, always visible, and equipped with accurate location data. Programmatic creates an enticing new avenue for your programmatic campaigns, combining data-driven targeting with extensive reach and scale, and insert impactful OOH displays into an omni-channel strategy generating tangible results, by engaging consumers throughout their daily journeys.

Outdoor Media Formats

Most OOH falls into one of four major categories: Billboards, Street Furniture Tranist and Place-Based.
Our expertise ventures outside these categories to include other traditional and non-traditional formats; as a proud proponent and member of OAAA, we encourage you to take a look at those by clicking here