Muscle Marketing has been an innovator in the Out-of-Home space, pioneering the fusion of demographic and psychographic analytics with the traditional geographic targeting capabilities of the format. At our core, we are a media agency that helps advertisers profile their target audience, using hundreds of demographic data points, and using GIS (Geographic Information System) Software and AdTech (Advertising Technology), are able to better reach potential customers where they live, work, play and travel. Operating nationally (in all 50 states and DC) and internationally (in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia), Muscle Marketing has access to the most innovative products in the industry that streamline the delivery of smarter and more engaging OOH advertising experience at fraction of the price. From full-motion digital in Piccadilly Circus (UK) and Time Square (US) to a wild posting and street stencils in Venice Beach (US), to cinema advertising in your home town theater, Muscle Marketing can help you deliver relevant messaging to your core customer base that is engaging and valuable to your customers, in a way that strengths your brand!

What Makes Muscle Marketing Stronger

Muscle Marketing does more than fulfill a showing; we build comprehensive programs based on our client's specific needs. By using demographic data and mapping analytics, we pinpoint where customers live, work and play, and by layering traffic patterns on that information, can quite precisely select advertising displays that will reach those customers. In addition to the demographic and geographic analysis, we conduct a physical site ride to approve inventory and create a list of high frequency, high exposure displays in trade areas targeting our client's core customers.

Physical Attributes

Outdoor advertising/media companies do a good job of meeting impression requirements for most showings, but while quantity seems to be the primary focus of the showing, quality is often overlooked. AI has taken OOH to new heights, but there is a limitation to machine learning, and displays boasting high impressions may have obstructed reads or physical surroundings that prevent the display from showing to the stated audience. With an actual physical inspections of exposure, read, illumination, etc. our selection process weeds out underperforming displays and allows us to recommend only the highest quality displays.

Demographic Attributes

There are multiple demographic, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics that define a target customer. Our GIS software allows us to isolate those attributes and identify areas with the highest concentration of those customers so we can reach them, eliminating waste and maximizing ad spend.

Geographic Attributes

Our displays are strategically place in high-traffic areas such as busy streets, highways, airports, transit stations, and shopping centers to support campaign objectives. Different geographic regions have specific regulations regarding the placement and content of OOH, and it is imperative that we comply with these city regulations to avoid legal issues and unsure the longevity of the campaign; accordingly, we work with formats that ensure the highest retention and conversion for your messaging. Muscle Marketing focuses not only on seasonality and weather conditions, but also traffic patterns, local festivities/events and accessibility… all of which lend to a more relevant placement of your messaging.